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The Wild Lily Institute

The Wild Lily Institute was founded in 2005, and is located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada. We are an affiliate of the Canadian Federation of Poets and the Lucy Maud Montgomery Institute. 

Emily Isaacson is our director and founder. She has been writing for 30 years now, and is a published author. She is also very integrated in the arts scene of the Fraser Valley. Her book sales benefit her humanitarian cause, Holistic Vision Canada.

Emily Isaacson is formally trained in languages, music, and writing. She has taught creative writing at the MAC in Mission, been a docent at The Act, and worked as a gallery attendant at The Reach Gallery Museum in Abbotsford. She served on the board of Fraser Valley Poets Society (FVPS) for 3 years. They usually meet monthly in Abbotsford at the library for poetry readings.

Emily Isaacson is the author of a children's book called, Little Bird's Song which is about the nature of self-actualization and healing. Emily Isaacson is also the author of thirteen poetry books. The select poetry of Emily Isaacson can be purchased at the bookstore. To learn more about Emily's postmodern poetry that shaped the Institute, read her reviews.

Emily Isaacson founded Voetelle Art & Design, the art behind the Institute, serving as our design department for the past decade. She served as a professional photographer of British Columbia (PPABC) from 2010-2012. She exhibited in 2010 at the Mission Arts Centre, where she was on the board of directors of the Mission Arts Council from 2007-2010. 

Visit the Clay Road Gallery where she presents her unique scenic landscapes of the Fraser Valley. She participated in three art gallery exhibits in 2021 during Covid, and made YouTube videos of her poetry during lockdown to share with her readers.

Art by Emily Isaacson

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