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Free Verse

Emily Isaacson has utilized free verse in the genre of poetry first and foremost. Her work is very stylized, symbolic and full of metaphors. Her thought process is deep, and yet remains simple enough to be understood by even a child. She enters into the realm of the fantastical, yet with guarded heart, and pitches each poem to the most dedicated reader.

Her work is theatrical, endearing, heart-felt, and at times homespun, yet with the reward of romance, the richness of family, and both the poverty and royalty of her own eclecticism.

Isaacson has strived to make her work understandable, to reach those who do not comprehend nor read poetry, to make her voice lyrical, poignant, and create an atmosphere that teaches to write under arduous circumstances.

Isaacson's text is very typically capitalized only at the beginning of a sentence, and punctuated formally. She has used the editing process to enhance her writing for publication. In her first book, she had four editors, two from UBC.


Sample of free verse poem:



The balmy season came,

and the rain was fragrant, scented, sweet;

its ambrosial ylang ylang hung over the vestiges

of religion in a tower of time.   

Redolent, came the breeze of the new spiritual

awakening—ardent and blazing, fiery glowing.

He woke to be vehement from impassive,

flaming forehead from cool tempered.

I seek to touch both artisan and master,

the Maestro featured his virtuoso

while the orchestra pit was cavalier,

the scholar took from his arsenal Bach.

My imperial art, lofty in the heavens:

the clouds summon their blue against silver;

the cherubs converse with nations

and peremptory, play a dominant Sistine chord.

Emily Isaacson


What are prophets but the trumpets blown by God to stir the heart?


Emily Quote

I took the hand of a child once and guided her through

a galaxy of meteors and unsubjugated fire. The beings of heaven have much more understanding than the scavengers of earth, for they are as old as the universe itself.

--Emily Isaacson

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